Scales of War

Siege of Bordrin's Watch

The city of Overlook nearby the Elsir Vale has run into some extreme trouble. The orc hordes have been testing the walls of Bordin’s Watch for quite sometime. In the past, the walls have stood their test, but this time the dwarves are a bit concerned.

All their misgivings stem from the reports brought back by their own scouts, who mention endless ranks of orcs, trolls, and worse marching inexorably to the Stonehome Mountains. To shore up the thin number of defend- ers to man the Watch, Overlook dispatched a call to arms, beseeching able-bodied men and women across the Elsir Vale to mobilize at Overlook and then join forces with the defenders in the mountains. With the memory of the last war that ravaged the Vale, militias formed up and adventurers from as far away as Brindol answered the call.

The Council of Elders assigns the task of securing the tunnels beneath the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to the PCs, and they dispatch other groups to the other weak points in their defenses. Once the characters arrive at the old monastery, it is clear the other locations might be compromised and the other adventuring groups might be overmatched.

While in the city, the PCs encounter The Freeriders, a newly formed group of adventurers.

In this adventure, the PCs fight and defeat the Half Orc, half Ogre warrior. Tusk’s army was unusually well armed, something of interest to the PCs. The player characters managed to seal Bordrin’s Watch and fight back the Orc horde. However, one of the adventuring groups, The Farstriders were killed in the battle.

After killing Tusk, the players discovered that Dark Creepers were supplying arms and tactical intelligence to Tusk. The introduction of Dark Creepers proves most interesting to the players.



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